Compact 60
Compact Concrete Plants

CONSTMACH COMPACT 60 full automatic Concrete Batching Plant is a specially designed concrete plant model which are preferred in cases of limited land constraint but high production capacity requirement. Although its compacted and minimized dimensions, COMPACT 60 can reach a high production capacity such as 60 m3/h.

Aggregates storage hopper of COMPACT 60 is possible to be used in two different shapes as linear and square type. Bins of aggregate hopper can be located in a linear shape in like in stationary concrete plants or in square shape like in Compact 20 & 30 or our mobile concrete batching plants.

In case of using a square shape of hopper, the whole can be which can be transported within only 1 unit tractor-trailer or 40 ft OT container like Compact 20 & 30.

With its easy portability and rapidly installable design and necessity of minimum infrastructure investment, COMPACT 60 compact type concrete plant offers economic advantages to its users. COMPACT 60 is designed and manufactured in accordance with CE standards.

COMPACT 60 concrete plant requires a minimum site preparation. Just a flat concrete that is capable to carry the total load of the plant is enough. Cement silos that are supplied with the plant have full steel legs to remove the necessity of concrete legs building by the client. Thanks to the metal walls that are present at both sides of the plant, aggregates filling ramp can be prepared easily without constructing a concrete wall.

Twin shaft, single shaft, pan or planetary type mixers can be used in COMPACT 60 so that it could be used for different purposes such as ready mixed concrete, dry mixed concrete, precast concrete production etc.

COMPACT 60 is equipped with high-tech automation system including top class SIEMENS – SCHNEIDER brand electronic components and PLC . The whole system is controled through an advanced sofware which is sophisticated features and user friendly interface.

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Compact 60 Technicial Specifications


Production Capacity 60 m³/h
Sizes in Transport Position 13 (L) x 2.3 (W) x 2.3 (H) meters (in case of square shape hopper)
Weight 18 tonnes
Total Motor Power 105 kW
Required Electric Generator 125 kVA
Mixer Options Pan – Single Shaft – Twin Shaft - Planetary
Required area to operate 300 m²


Aggregate Hopper Volume 4 x 15 m³
Aggregate Weighing Hopper 1.5 m³
Aggregate Weighing Conveyor 800 x 12.000 mm
Mixer Wet Concrete Volume 1 m³
Cement Weighing Hopper 600 kg
Water Weighing Hopper 300 lt
Additive Weighing Hopper 20 lt
Air Compressor 300 lt, 5.5 kW
Cement Silo Optional from 50 to 200 tonnes capacity.
Shipping friendly equipments of our COMPACT concrete batching plants minimize the transport cost of our clients. COMPACT 60 is transported within 2 pcs 40 ft OT containers or truck trailers except the cement silo.
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