Cone Crushers
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As CONSTMACH, we prefer and use worldwide known, top quality METSO or SANDVIK brand cone crushers in our stationary and mobile crushing plants.

This helps us to our clients in terms of operation, maintenance and spare part finding from any market easily.

Our company equips METSO or SANDVIK brand cone crushers with a steel construction chassis, platforms, steel legs and electric motors.

You can see the general layout, transport information and photos of our cone crushers by clicking the related tabs and you can request a quotation by clicking REQUEST A QUOTE tab.
Cone Crushers Technicial Specifications
Size HP100 HP200 HP300 HP400 HP500 HP800
Crusher Complete 5.400 kg 11.900 Lbs 10.400 kg 22.960 Lbs 15.810 kg 33.490 Lbs 23.000 kg 50.600 Lbs 33.150 kg 73.000 Lbs 68.650 kg 151.200 Lbs
Bowl,Bowl Liner, Adj,Cap,Hopper 1.320 kg 2.910 Lbs 2.680 kg 5.915 Lbs 3.525 kg 7.765 Lbs 4.800 kg 10.575 Lbs 7.200 kg 15.800 Lbs 17.350 kg 38.220 Lbs
Head Mantie And Feed Plate 600 kg 1.325 Lbs 1.2000 kg 2.650 Lbs 2.060 kg 4.550 Lbs 3.240 kg 7.130 Lbs 5.120 kg 11.280 Lbs 10.800 kg 23.790 Lbs
Maximum Recommend Power 90 Kw 125 HP 132 Kw 200 HP 200 Kw 300 HP 315 Kw 400 HP 355 Kw 500 HP 600 Kw 800 HP
Countershaft Speed-rpm 750-1200 750-1200 700-1200 700-1000 700-950 700-950
Our shipping friendly cone crushers minimize the transport cost of our clients with its modular structure and availablity to be shipped within closed truck trailers and 40 ft OT containers.
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